A little about US

Howdy! Isaac and Liv here, super pumped that you dropped by. We dove headfirst into the wild world of wedding photography because, well, we're suckers for a good story.

I (Isaac) have always been that dude with a camera at every family shindig. My collection of epic snapshots? It's practically a treasure trove of unforgettable moments.

And you know what's magical? Flipping through those pics and reliving the good times. When Liv hopped on board to shoot weddings with me, she fell head over heels for capturing the magic on film. Watching your wedding film isn't just a rewind; it's a full-on replay of the magic.

When we're not behind the lens, you'll find us outdoorsy types doing cool stuff like kayaking, fishing, hiking, and camping – the whole adventure package. Evenings are all about country tunes or binging The Office. Oh, and our ultimate date night? It's a Chipotle feast followed by a chocolate peanut butter shake from Hydration Station.

Heya! we are
isaac and liv

Not just a photo
and film team,

for the fun havers.

your hype squad.

We fell in love with the idea of getting to meet and connect with new couples every weekend.

For us, the real star of the show is when you two come together. No matter what curveballs your day throws, big or small, it's all good because, hey, you're still saying "I do" to your bestie. Keeping it simple – marrying your best friend is the real deal.

Weddings are a big day. You and I will be spending a lot of time together on your day. So, when you're on the hunt for someone to capture those amazing moments and ensure that your day is not just good but downright fantastic, we're your go-to team.

“enjoy your day and focus on the fact that you are getting married!”


We are more than just story tellers!

Our favorite activities are to go hike at Shades State Park or go kayak in the Wildcat Creek. We do also like to travel, we recently went to Iceland for some wedding workshops. Our favorite travels are not far from home though. Liv's favorite trip is to go to Coquina Beach in Florida and my fav vaca is anytime we go to a cabin in the Smokey's in Tennessee. 

Another newer hobby for us is reading. In school I hated reading and wouldn't do it. But now I loveeee to read. I read mainly business books. I realize that sounds boring but learning is fun to me now. Liv's go to book is usually something fiction. Currently she is reading through the Harry Potter series.

Lastly but most importantly the most important thing to us is our faith. We are Jesus followers and live life trying to be more like Him.

we are more than story tellers,
we are goofy goobers



It is so important to capture the classic photos but it is also important to capture as many of those in between moments as possible. To me the in between moments are anything that is not the obvious. This could be moments like the kids playing on the lawn of the venue or your grandparents holding hands.

As time goes on and loved ones leave us its these candid moments that we feel are the most special to look back on. This is why we are not just there on your day to capture you but to capture as many moments as possible. Because your story is made up of all those moments. 

“Every couple has their own unique story and getting the chance to tell that story drives me”


Working with us is a mix of calmness and excitement. Liv and I have two different personalities that work great together to help us serve you better.

She is more quiet and thinks through everything which are great traits to have when things go wrong because she will have a simple plan to get things back on track.

I have a more outgoing and high energy personality so I will likely be friends with your whole bridal party by the end of the day. I will be the more vocal one wrangling together family members for the family photos. I also get more energy when I am around people so I will probably be busting out some ugly dance moves while taking photos of everyone dancing.

Rain, hail or shine, we won’t miss a beat


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"They both are so talented with their skills. Isaac and Liv were both so fun to work with. They are such kind and genuine people"

ashlyn & brock

 "The video that they made brought tears of joy to our eyes!"

Jane & lee

"Absolutely loved the photos I received back from our wedding day! Isaac and his wife made the whole day seamless and were so professional! They were so much fun to work with."


we are a jesus lovin, outdoor seeking, story telling team looking to meet more cool couples.

lets get this party started...💃🏻🎉

have fun

get hitched