Exploring The Carnegie: A Historic Library Turned into a Wedding Venue

March 22, 2024

isaac beachy


Have you ever dreamed of getting married in a place filled with history and charm? Well, let me tell you about The Carnegie, a magical wedding venue that used to be an old public library!

I had the chance to chat with Greg Butts, who, along with his wife Jennifer, bought the Carnegie Library and turned it into a stunning wedding venue. Greg shared with me some cool facts about this place. He said, “We purchased the Carnegie Library two years ago and spent the last couple of years renovating it.” It’s amazing how they’ve transformed it!

Greg told me that The Carnegie is one of the earliest libraries in Indiana, built way back in 1903 by a guy named Andrew Carnegie. He said, “There were holes in the roof, plaster coming down, basically standing water and debris and things everywhere.” Can you imagine that? But now, it’s like stepping into a fairytale!

One of the coolest things Greg mentioned was the original circulation desk. He said, “There were two layers of laminate over the top of that original circulation desk, which we’re so thankful that we were able to save.” Now, it’s a special spot for food and drinks during weddings!

Inside The Carnegie, there are three connected spaces that welcome everyone. Greg told me, “When you first walk in again, the circulation desk kind of welcomes everyone.” And downstairs, there’s a cozy bridal suite with natural lighting – perfect for photos!

But wait, there’s more! The groom’s suite is like a game room, with billiards, foosball, chess, and darts. Greg said, “Just like Mrs. Wilkie once said, had to keep the men entertained to keep them out of trouble.” Sounds like a fun place to hang out!

And guess what? The Carnegie is full of hidden gems! Greg mentioned the towering columns inside and the massive stone columns outside, which are perfect for photos. He said, “Even in the basement where the natural light comes through the windows, there’s just so many opportunities for great photography.”

So, if you’re looking for a wedding venue that’s rich in history and full of charm, you’ve got to check out The Carnegie. It’s like stepping back in time while celebrating your love story!