How to Find Your Dream Wedding Photographer

November 7, 2023

isaac beachy

Wedding Tips

liv and isaac getting their picture taken in iceland together

Oh I know the feeling. You just got engaged and it is go time to start hunting for wedding photographers. Soon you notice there are so many of them as your search around and you get a little bit overwhelmed.

So let me help guide you through this shopping with some tips. For starters there is the obvious criteria. The photographer needs to be really freaking good. The photographer needs to have a good portfolio really showing that they can create good content and capture your day properly on a wedding day.

Wedding days are such an important day in your life you must have someone there that can document what is happening. You do not want to look back at your images and WISH that you were there. You want to look at your images and feel like you ARE there.

So there is the obvious first tip in that they need to be good at the art of photography. But my second point might be less obvious and that is that the photographer needs to be someone that you would feel comfortable hanging out with for a whole day. Because as a wedding photographer we will be spending a lot of time together. So make sure you are not just emailing/texting your potential wedding photographer.

Make sure that you meeting them either in person or over a video call. Just talk with them and make sure they are not a total weirdo. If they are not a good fit for you to hang out with, then the images might be good but the experience and memories might be a little weird.

Now if they look like they have a good portfolio and they seem like someone chill to hang out with then move on to checking their reviews on google. People on there are always honest.

BONUS TIP: Now this tip might be a little stalker ish but I do this when I am looking to hire someone for any expensive service. I will find their reviews and then reach out to the people who wrote the reviews and ask them what the whole experience was like and if they would recommend them.

Now that you know some more tips on how to find your perfect wedding photographer… inquire below and see if we have your date available!