How to Choose the Perfect First Dance Song for Your Wedding

April 1, 2024

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The first dance as a married couple is a treasured moment that sets the tone for your wonderful life ahead. It’s a symbol of love and partnership that will be commemorated through the chosen melody. If you’re an engaged bride planning your wedding, picking the right song for your first dance can seem overwhelming amid a sea of romantic tunes. Never fear; this blog post is designed to make the process both informative and fun!

Reflect Your Story

Every couple has ‘their’ song, be it from a special date, your shared favorite artist, or even a track with lyrics that speak to your unique bond. Think about the songs that have been significant throughout your relationship. The perfect first dance song might just be one that has been part of your love story from the start.

Consider the Lyrics Carefully

While the melody might carry you away, it’s the words that will resonate with the hearts of everyone witnessing the dance. Choose a song with lyrics that reflect your feelings toward each other. Read them out loud as poetry and see if they echo your promise of forever.

Mind the Beat

The rhythm of the song can influence the style and ease of your first dance. If you and your partner aren’t confident dancers, a song with a slow, steady beat can make swaying gracefully together that bit easier. On the flip side, if you’re planning a choreographed routine, you might want a song with an upbeat tempo to showcase those moves!

Connect with the Genre

Are you both into jazz? Country? Indie rock? Your first dance is a chance to share a piece of your personal palette of tastes with your guests. Choosing a genre that speaks to both of you will make the moment feel even more authentic and intimate.

Keep It Timeless

Trends come and go, but your first dance song will be etched in your memories forever. Try to pick a song that’s timeless, one that will still ring true 50 years down the line when you’re reminiscing about your big day.

Consult the Band or DJ

If you’re having live music, speak to the band to see which songs are in their repertoire or check with your DJ to ensure they have the song you want. It also might be helpful to hear a few options played live or through the DJ’s speakers if you’re unsure.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Unique

Your wedding is the ultimate reflection of who you are as a couple, so your choice of song should align with that—even if it breaks tradition. Whether it’s a rock ballad or a hip-hop groove, what matters most is the connection the song facilitates between you two.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you’ve chosen ‘the one,’ take it for a spin! Literally, practice dancing together to get comfortable with the rhythm and pace of the song. It might just ease any performance butterflies on the day.

Choosing the right first dance song need not be a stressor— instead, consider it a beautiful step on the path to ‘I do.’ With these tips in mind, you’ll no doubt find a song that not only gets your feet moving but also touches the soul, encapsulating the essence of your partnership. Happy dancing!


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