What it’s like working with us: Morgan and London’s Experience

February 17, 2024

isaac beachy


Hey there, future newlyweds! We’re excited to give you an exclusive peek behind the curtain into what it’s like to work with us, your go-to photo and film team. Morgan and London’s wedding day was an absolute dream, and we’re here to share all the details with you.

Here’s what they had to say about their booking experience: “Honestly, I thought it was so easy,” Morgan shared. “I just messaged you on Instagram, and you were already sending me all these things… It was honestly very, very easy.”

But it wasn’t just about the booking process – it was about the trust they had in us to capture their day perfectly. London explained, “I just knew from the start, looking at their quality of content… if we don’t get them, I don’t know what we’re going to do.”

When it comes to delivering their wedding photos, we always deliver our galleries in 10 days or less. Morgan couldn’t believe the turnaround time she said, “Oh my gosh, how did they get this back so fast? The turnaround was incredible… we were so happy right away.”

And let’s talk about the final delivery. They were pumped, “We were just elated… we were so shocked… people couldn’t believe that we had them already.”

But our favorite part? Crafting their wedding video. It brought tears to their eyes, “I cry every single time I watch this video,” Morgan confessed. “It just resembles the beauty of what your wedding day is… I just want the whole world to see it.”

So, future brides and grooms, if you’re searching for a photo and film team that makes the booking process a breeze, delivers memories in record time, and crafts videos that bring tears to your eyes, look no further. We’re here to turn your wedding dreams into reality.

Thanks for joining us on this journey through Morgan and London’s special day. We can’t wait to capture yours next!