Indiana Wedding Venues: Top 7 Most Unique Wedding Venues

January 26, 2024

isaac beachy

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Hello there, little friends! Today, we’re going on a fun adventure to discover some amazing wedding venues in Indiana. But guess what? We’re not going alone – my wife and I, who love taking photos and making films, will be your guides! Get ready for a journey filled with beautiful places and wonderful stories.

1. The Venue – Kokomo’s Hidden Gem

Imagine a place in Kokomo that’s like a hidden treasure chest filled with beauty. It’s called The Venue, and it’s super special. Inside, it’s so pretty and feels like a royal palace. The rooms where the bridal parties get ready are big and bright, and guess what? They have a new outdoor space for saying “I do” under a magical tree. The staff there are super nice and make sure everything goes perfectly.

Here is a full film from The Venue:

2. The Hobson – A Cinematic Experience

Now, let’s visit The Hobson. It’s like stepping into a magical movie! Everything is carefully chosen to look fantastic. The ceremony place is filled with sunlight from giant windows, making it feel like a fairy tale. And oh, the bar there is like a treasure! The Hobson is perfect for a small and cozy ceremony, just like in the movies.

Here is a venue tour of The Hobson:

3. The Sixpence – Designed for Beauty

Next up is The Sixpence. Imagine a place made by a photographer – everything is so, so pretty! The main room for the reception has huge windows that let in lots of sunlight. And guess what? The girls’ room for getting ready is super fancy. But wait, there’s a super cool space for the guys called The Garage, with a bar and a pool table! The Sixpence has many places to say “I do,” from their indoor space to the wooded space with wooden benches to sit on.

Here is a venue tour of The Sixpence:

4. Hotel Carmichael – A Journey Back in Time

Now, let’s travel back in time to Hotel Carmichael. It’s like going to a time when everything was elegant and fancy, from 1930s-1950s. As soon as you walk in, you feel like you’re in a special place. The details are just perfect, and it’s located right inside of Carmel. If you want a wedding that feels timeless and elegant, Hotel Carmichael is the place!

Here is a venue tour of Hotel Carmichael:

5. New Journey Farms – A Disney-Like Beginning

Our next stop is at New Journey Farms, and oh boy, it’s like entering a Disney movie! When you arrive, you drive down a long, winding road, making it feel like an adventure. The ceremony space is filled with sunlight, making it magical. Both sides of the bride and groom get amazing rooms with stairs that feel like you’re in a Disney fairy tale. New Journey Farms is a perfect place to start your happily ever after.

Here is a Wedding Film from New Journey Farms:

6. The Legacy Barn – Acres of Beauty

Now, let’s go to The Legacy Barn, where there’s so much open space and trees. Imagine having your wedding photos taken when the sun sets – it’s like being in a dream! Inside, there’s a special space for saying “I do” surrounded by trees. The Legacy Barn is perfect if you love nature and want your wedding to be like a beautiful storybook.

Here is a behind the scenes video from a wedding day at The Legacy Barn:

7. Lizton Lodge – A Mansion of Wonders

Our last stop is the Lizton Lodge, and it’s like a big, mysterious mansion turned into a magical place. The property is amazing, with a pond and many spots for cool photos. Inside, every room leads to another amazing room – it’s like a magical journey. You have to take a tour of this incredible place to see all its wonders!

Here is a full wedding film from the Lizton Lodge:

If you are engaged and looking for a venue you could not go wrong with any of the venues on this list. If you are ready to look for a wedding photographer and videographer you can inquire right here!