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January 6, 2024

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In the fast-paced world of wedding planning, the role of a wedding coordinator has become increasingly essential. To shed light on the importance of hiring a wedding coordinator, I sat down with Hannah Brooks, the owner of Hannah Brooks Events, a seasoned wedding planning, coordinating, and design expert. In our conversation, Hannah shares valuable insights on why couples should seriously consider hiring a wedding coordinator for their big day.

Hannah’s main goal is to show brides that with proper planning and coordination your day could be the most peaceful day ever instead of the most stressful day ever.

Speaking from personal experience of having our own wedding and shooting many other weddings. Having a wedding coordinator makes a giant difference in how the day plays out. Like Hannah said “I’m getting 15,000 – 20,000 steps in that day so that the bride or the mother of the bride, doesn’t have to because they have somebody that’s taking care of everything.” This quote from Hannah really puts into perspective what coordinators do in a measurable form. I see what coordinators do for every wedding but this really allows you to understand if you do not hire someone you will have to be in charge of all of the small and big things happening on your day.

As the owner of Hannah Brooks Events, Hannah specializes in crafting personalized experiences for couples, seamlessly blending wedding coordination, planning, and design. Her mission is to transform the intricate process of wedding planning into a journey that is stress-free so that you can focus on those once in a life time moments.

Hannah explains that her services are not one-size-fits-all. She offers a range of packages tailored to meet the specific needs of each couple. From simple itinerary assistance to comprehensive planning and coordination, Hannah’s goal is to provide a customizable experience based on the couple’s preferences and requirements.

Some of the biggest regrets that I hear couples emphasize is that they regret not hiring a wedding coordinator, particularly in terms of dealing with last-minute issues, vendor coordination, and ensuring a smooth flow on the wedding day. In the final days before your wedding so many things can pile up on your plate. This sucks because now you have to deal with them instead of chilling and enjoying your final days til your wedding.

On the actual wedding day, Hannah describes her role as being behind the scenes, ready to address any issues that may arise. From extinguishing literal fires to coordinating vendor arrivals, she aims to provide couples with peace of mind, allowing them to savor every moment.

Hannah stressed that you have to do some research to find the right wedding coordinator for yourself. She encourages couples to reach out to multiple vendors and dive into their unique offerings to ensure they align with the couple’s vision. Hannah said she would be more than happy to talk to any of you. Much of her passion for her job comes from meeting other people. So reach out to her and see if she is the right fit for you!

Hannah reiterated that her passion comes from getting to know couples on a personal level. She aims to be more than just a wedding planner “I want to be that older sister or that mentor, but also your friend and call me when you’re having a mental breakdown.” The key takeaway is clear: hiring a wedding coordinator is an investment in a peaceful and enjoyable wedding day. While you hire us to document your day it is important to invest in a coordinator so that your day is as fun as it will look in your photos and highlight film.

As we wrapped up our conversation with Hannah, it’s evident that her approach goes beyond traditional wedding planning. She brings a personalized touch, genuine care, and a commitment to making each wedding day a memorable and stress-free experience for every couple. After talking and working with Hannah I can confidently say that she will make your wedding day a better day.

To see if you and Hannah are a good fit, reach out to her here 🙂

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