Magical Wedding at New Journey Farms

November 18, 2023

isaac beachy


Gorgeous Summer Wedding at New Journey Farms

Kaylee and Evan got married at the beautiful and new looking New Journey Farms. This venue is located just outside of Lafayette and you enter the property through a long winding drive way where you are met with the building at the end of the road.

Getting Ready Rooms

The nicest feature about this venue is that it has two amazing, big and spacious, naturally lit getting ready rooms. Most venues might have one nice getting ready room for the ladies and then they stuff the guys into some weird janitors closet in the basement. But New Journey Farms has provided both bridal party’s with comfortable places to lounge and get ready.

While yes the guys do not take as long as the ladies to get ready. It is still important to have a relaxing environment to wait in for your big day. The nerves are always high, especially if you are not doing a first look, both parties have to sit and wait a while. Speaking from experience being shoved in some dark and gloomy basement does not help ease those nerves.

Then obviously have nice getting ready rooms creates a much better environment to create good getting ready images. Photographers will be looking for natural light coming through some windows or doors. Having only overhead sealing fan lights are not going to cut it.

So if you are in your wedding planning phase that you are looking at venues I would highly suggest looking for a venue with two quality getting ready rooms.

Ceremony Space

New Journey Farms took the natural lighting to another whole level when it comes to their Ceremony/Reception area. It is hard to miss their triangle of giant square windows that light up the whole building. This natural lighting makes for documenting all of the ceremony and reception events a dream. The ceremony / reception space is also very large and can hold up to 350 guests.

The Wedding Day

Kaylee and Evan’s wedding day at New Journey Farms was a dreamy, magical, Disney feeling day. Kaylee’s entrance into the wedding ceremony was unlike any other I had scene. Since New Journey Farms has a massive elegant stairs leading into the venue she was able to walk down it to some slow music. Making the wait for Evan I am sure feel like an eternity.

After dancing hard they finished the night with exiting through a sparkler tunnel and getting into an old Studebaker for an epic exit.