A Wedding at The Venue

November 18, 2023

isaac beachy


An Outside Wedding at The Venue in Kokomo

The Wampler’s had their beautiful wedding on a sunny day at The Venue at the Brookstone Suites in Kokomo. The ceremony area was surrounded by lovely trees that added a flowy touch to the atmosphere. Every detail of the wedding was carefully planned and thought out.

The Kings Table

When I entered the reception space in the morning I was blown away by the table setups and particular the long kings table for the bridal party and their partners to sit at. I freaking love the kings table and having all your members gathered together at one table. Its very functional but also it looks incredible.

The First Looks

One tip is to not limit yourself to the standard wedding day and you can have more than one first look. Why not have one with your bridesmaids, father, and obviously your fiancé. But also one this special day they had a first look with their adorable new little puppy. And man did that puppy have the best reaction!

The Dancing

This was one of the most fun dance floors that I have gotten to capture. I mean why not dance the night away with your friends after getting married. This is after all one of the most exciting days of your life.

Overall, the wedding of the Wampler’s was a truly special and fun celebration of their love, and we were honored to be able to capture it with photo and video. Capturing and freezing each memory is so special to be able to look back on. But for me the highlight video is my favorite because you are not only able to look and and wish you were there but you can look back and feel like you are there.